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Welcome to the site of Aftershock, the magazine for moving on from a narcissist and restoring your life, light, laughter, and emotional health. Hopefully, among our pages here each month, you will learn how to not own their narcissism; how to not burden yourself with pain.

Here at Aftershock we are not victims, we are survivors. While most of us were once held in Emotional Captivity, the word 'victim' still indicates wounded, while 'survivor' indicates overcoming and strength -- and that's just what we are about. Strength and education, faith and conviction, stamina and self-reliance. We learn to be ourselves again, and to let go of the narcissism and give it back to the narcissist. We learn to not own the pain, to not dance to their fiddle.

Here we will not dwell on the narcissist; they already demand enough attention so why give them more? No, here we will dwell on us, on bettering our lives, on letting go, on learning and educating ourselves on narcissism ... and then on how to move the heck on armed with this knowledge.